Change your thinking - Change your life.

Your thoughts are powerful - They create your reality

By thinking differently you can change your life - it is that simple!

Focusing on a positive phrase each day helps you break the destructive cycle of negative thinking.

There are 19 decks to choose from covering all aspects of your life.

Receive a completey new affirmation each day with push notifications to remind you.

Each deck of affirmations has been designed to be specific, set in the present tense and work on a subconscious level.

*Affirmly integrates with HealthKit to keep track of your mindful Minutes.

Simply tap on the topic that is relevant to what you wish to improve in your life.

An affirmation card will appear.

Trust that the affirmation that appears is relevant to you and use it for the duration of the day.

Repeat the phrase three times in your mind and then as often as possible during the day.

The chosen card will appear whenever you open the app for one day.

Affirmly uses gestures, so swipe or shake gestures will give you different cards to choose from.

To close the card, double tap and you will get back to the decks screen